Flashing Android 4 on Samsung Galaxy S II with heimdall

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We are using only Linux and no Odin and VirtualBox to update Galaxy S II to Android 4 alias Ice Cream Sandwich.

Heimdall 1.3.2 seems to be broken, so use heimdal < 1.3.2. More information

Install Heimdall

Heimdall Suite is an alternative to Odin for flashing in the download mode.

  • Gentoo: add flow to the overlays and emerge heimdall
layman -a flow
emerge --autounmask-write heimdall
emerge heimdall

Get ICS and some other images

Flash it

Unpack the file “I9100XXLPQ_I9100OXALPQ_I9100XXLPQ_HOME.tar.md5”

Boot your phone to download mode

  • Switch it off
  • Connect via USB to PC
  • Press and hold Home+Volume Down+Power until you see the “Warning” message
  • Confirm it with Volume Up

Flash it with heimdall (do it with as root to avoid access problems to usb devices)

heimdall flash --primary-boot boot.bin --cache cache.img \
--factoryfs factoryfs.img --hidden hidden.img --modem modem.bin \
--param param.lfs --secondary-boot Sbl.bin --kernel zImage

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