Tech, Code, Linux, Open Source.

I work on Cloud, DevOps, automation topics for Deutsche Telekom

Languages: German, English, Russian

Location: Bonn, Germany

On the Web

Information for headhunters

  • Please, do not contact me via phone. If you want to get in touch -> drop me a mail
  • Please keep the next points in mind:
    • I’m not interested on any positions for development of some proprieatary solutions
    • I’m not interested on any positions which require relocation
    • I’ve an engineering telco background together with development and operation skills. I’m not interested on usual devops posititions.
  • Following topics are in the area of my interest and experience:
    • Engineering of on-premise IaaS-infrastructures with OpenStack
    • Development and introduction of complex continuous integration/delivery/deployment chains
    • Engineering and introduction of microservices with containers, especially with Rkt and not Docker
    • Development tasks with OpenSource based modell in the above fields
  • If you contact me, please include the name of the company and conditions