Flashing clockmod recovery on Samsung Galaxy S II i9100

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You may need custom recovery if you want to do nandroid backups of flash some zip files. I will use Linux to flash it.

Warning: It was working for me. I’m not responsible if you break your device. You are doing this steps at your own risk. The installation of a modified firmware might invalidate the manufacturer’s warranty!

Get Heimdall Suite

Heimdall Suite is an alternative to Odin for flashing in the download mode.

  • Gentoo: add flow to the overlays and emerge heimdall
layman -a flow
emerge --autounmask-write heimdall
emerge heimdall

codeworkx’s Kernel with the ClockworkMod Recovery

  • I’ve used this kernel with Android 2.3.3, for other Android versions you may use kernels from this thread
  • Download codeworkx’s Kernel with the ClockworkMod Recovery and unpack it
  • Boot your phone to download mode

    • Switch it off
    • Connect via USB to PC
    • Press and hold Home+Volume Down+Power until you see the “Warning” message
    • Confirm it with Volume Up
  • Flash the kernel(to avoid various access problems please do it as root)

    heimdall flash --kernel zImage
  • Change to recovery mode
    • Switch your phone off
    • Press and hold Home+Volume Up+Power until you see recovery screen

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