FrOSCon 2015 impressions

froscon conference

Easy creation of a simple apt repo

Move existing centos installation to encrypted raid and lvm

centos security linux

Yubikey or OpenPGP smartcards for newbies

GitLab on Centos or RHEL 6

gitlab centos redhat

WebEx on Ubuntu or Mint 64bit

linux mint ubuntu

Telekom Hotspot autologin with NetworkManager

linux network telekom

Puppet structure


Virtualbox on hardened gentoo

security gentoo virtualbox

Easy SSH key management with puppet

puppet ssh linux

Puppet hiera hash merge and automatic parameter lookup


Default iptables rules

security linux security

Secure SSL configuration for apache, postfix, dovecot

How to install Linux Mint on encrypted raid 1 with LVM

linux mint ubuntu

Flashing Android 4 on Samsung Galaxy S II with heimdall

android galaxysII samsung

How to root Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 with heimdall

android samsung

How to backup mysql

mysql backup

How to build APC or eAccelerator for PHP on windows


Flashing clockmod recovery on Samsung Galaxy S II i9100

android galaxysII samsung

How to create VMFS partition on the local disk without label

vsphere esx esxi