How to root HTC Desire S

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Why root? I want to use some advanced features like DroidWall(frontend for iptables), Titanium Backup, OpenVPN, so I need root. With root you can also remove some annoying apps installed by vendor.

I was using Linux for it, but it should work at the same way with Windows.

Warning: It was working for me. I’m not responsible if you break your device. You are doing this steps at your own risk. The installation of a modified firmware invalidates the manufacturer’s warranty! You have been warned!

  • Boot to Hboot (hold Volume Down and press Power), check for Hboot version. AlphaRev X is working only with HBoot.0.98.0000.
  • Flash HBoot and S-OFF

    • Start you mobile and check the settings for USB debugging(Settings-Applications-Development-USB Debugging)
    • Fast boot setting should be off(Settings-Power-Fast boot)
    • Download AplhaRev X and start it
    • After you select download you should get a popup, if not check your Noscript settings.
    • Connect you mobile via USB
    • Now you should get the serial from the application, type this serial on the alpharev website and you get the beta key
    • Say no for installation of recovery
    • Your Desire S is now S-OFF
  • Flashing recovery

    • Download Clockworkmod Recovery v3.2.0.0
    • Rename it to and place on the sdcard
    • Boot to the Hboot(Volume Down+Power)
    • Confirm the recovery update
    • Reboot and remove from sdcard
  • Installing Superuser und su binary

    • Download su package(not just the binary! filename should be like and save it on the sdcard
    • Reboot to the recovery(boot in hboot and select recovery)
    • Choose “install zip from sdcard”-“choose zip from sdcard”-“”
    • Reboot
    • Install Superuser from Market

That’s all!

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